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Artist Bio

I am honored you have come to visit me and view my work. My craft. My passion. I have been a life long artist and computer geek. I am a digital auteur, a multimedia Artist, Photographer, Graphic artist and website designer in Greensboro North Carolina. I specialize in bringing together a collection of unique styles and skills, a blending of photography, digital art, photographic retouch and enhancement, painting and many other skills, that add a truly unique dimension to all my work that you just can't find anywhere else.

Lady Dragonfly Studios is my creative company name, I come from a long line of artists, computer geeks and thinkers. My Path as an artist started when I was just a kid. I was born with a star in my right palm, it has always made me feel blessed. I grew up in the woods, playing hours on end in streams, climbing trees, drawing, painting and being endlessly a strong affinity to dragonflies. Their delicate beauty, their power and poise inspire and move me. The Dragonfly is my spirit animal,

My parents were and are a major influence in my artistic life and career path. My father was an Electronic Engineer for IBM and my mother was a Painter & Art teacher. I have followed my passion for the arts and computer technology throughout High School, College and I continue to do so even today. I was a stained glass artist early in college. I majored in fine art and ancient history at UNCG. I took a theatrical make-up class at a friends suggestion, and I then spent the next 12 years as a professional make-up artist for film, print and T. V. During this time I picked up a keen interest in photography. In the early 90's I picked up my first copy of Photoshop and an intense love affair with graphic design and the digital arts was born. I fell in love with all forms of graphic and digital art.

I have worked with several Design and Tech firms over the years. I have written over 300 web sites, designed countless logos, print pieces, posters and I have created many digital art pieces. many of my works have been awared and recognized locally and on the national level.

I have gallery space at Lyndon Street Artworks . I'm an avid gamer, I love to cook, garden, camp, dance, listen to all types of music and most of all, I love my family and friends. They are what drives me and has made me the person I am today.