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This site is dedicated in loving memory to my Father.
He taught me the true meaning of courage, strength &

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Gallery Events

Grand Opening Early May 2011

I am delighted to announce Lady Dragonfly has joined the Artist Co-op @ Lydon Street Artworks, Located at 205 Lydon Street in Downtown Greensboro. Lyndon St. Artworks is a collaboration of artists using art to build a creative community. The gallery houses over 25 working art studios with over 40 resident artists in over 15 mediums.

The grand opening of the new gallery space at Lydon Street Artworks will be in May 2011. This will be a multi-media, multi-artist installation with a digital projection display, original prints from "The Goddess Project", hand made floral pieces, Custom Boho Fabric pieces and more.The art installations focus and themes will change frequently. May's theme will focus on the cycle of death and rebirth.

Gallery Hours

By appointment always - 24/7

Regular gallery hours will posted soon :-)