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This site is dedicated in loving memory to my Father.
He taught me the true meaning of courage, strength &

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Lady Dragonfly Policies

Lady Dragonfly Studios accepts all major credit cards, Money orders & Checks. Our goal is to provide each client with high quality, affordable services with flexible payment options, with as much convenience as possible. Credit card payments are always preferred and are the fastest way to get your project started, especially if your project needs are time sensitive. Please read our requirements, policies and Terms of Service below.

Down payments - A down payment is required for all services rendered by Lady Dragonfly Studios and is non-refundable. Your down payment secures your project a spot in our production Que and includes meetings, discovery and research for your project, initial design work & consultation. Down payment amounts depend on the estimated total of the project and selected services.

1/2 & 1/2 - Small projects require half up front to start and the remainder at project completion.

Milestone Payments
- This is a pay as you go approach and is suitable for larger projects or clients who have purchased bundled services. Each client that qualifies for this type of payment method has the option to break their payment schedule down in a variety of ways. A down payment to start, A Mockup payment (Design proofs, web site design mockups or print mockups) A beta payment (nearly complete project) Final Payment (completed project) So you only pay for what has already been completed and each payment signals the completion of one phase and moves us to the next stage.

Final payments - We must receive the final payment for your project before work will be published to the web, downloaded or delivered, you have a period of 28 days from project completion to remitt your final payment. After 28 days a %3 late fee per month will be added for late payment. After 3 months of non-payment your bill will be submitted to a collection agency.

– You are free to cancel your project at any stage. However, down payments are non-refundable, no exceptions. For milestone payments - you can cancel your project at any stage and not owe for the remaining project. However, the deposit and last milestone payment made is non-refundable as they represent work already done and approved. If you do choose to cancel your project for any reason, please keep in mind that you cannot use the work, in part or in whole without the express written permission of Lady Dragonfly Stuldios.

Delivery & Shipment:
Delivery of digital content, Shipment of print pieces and receipts: Once your payment has been made (full, partial or final payment) you will receive email confirmation,instructions and a digital receipt with a full description of services rendered and paid for (i.e. - "Down payment for web development" or "Final Payment for Logo Development") please allow 24 to 48 hours to receive your digital receipt and delivery instructions.

Copyright -
No part of any of the material on this web-site or web site created by Lady Dragonfly Studios may be reproduced by any mechanical, photographic, or electronic process, or in the form of a photographic recording, nor may it be stored in a retrieval system, transmitted or otherwise copied for private, public or commercial use, reposted, disclosed, or redistributed, without prior written permission from an authorized representative of: Lady Dragonfly Studios.

Terms of Use- If you display, copy in any form, distribute by any means, and/or print anything on this web-site or web site created by Lady Dragonfly Studios, you have voluntary agreed to have entered into a CONTRACT with Lady Dragonfly Studios, to pay to Lady Dragonfly Studios in cash in Lady Dragonfly Studios bank depository then in effect, at Lady Dragonfly Studios rates, per page or any portion thereof, plus any and all attorneys fees, costs, and expenses, that is, or may be incurred, in the prosecution and/or collection of such monies for copyright infringement, and/or Terms of Use, and/or as a result of any court judgment. Any circumvention of copy protections included in this web site constitutes theft and expressly prohibits the user from asserting any fair use affirmative defenses against a claim of copyright infringement. Any violator of copyright and/or Terms of Use of this web-site agrees that jurisdiction and venue for all legal actions arising out of this agreement shall be initiated and maintained in the home county and state of the copyright owner.